We simplify integration by bringing it to your smartphone.

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Integration can only be successful by making friends in the area one has just moved to – and the best way to do so is by getting active and doing something together with new people. Our goal is to connect refugees with residents and to create new friendships by simply having fun together.
interfriends is the perfect app to get in touch – and it’s free.

How it works

We develop a mobile application that is not only free for everybody but also easy to use. It helps you organize group activities in your home town area, which is the easiest way to meet new people. The result is you creating new friendships by simply having a good time with each other.

Having all of that in your pocket gives you unlimited possibilities: spontaneously inviting people to events you already attend, comfortably creating group activities wherever you are at the moment and constantly keeping in touch with everybody you met.

Now integration is nothing more than a fun part of your free time.

3 steps to creating friendships using interfriends

1. Download our app
Get the interfriends app and log in with Facebook.
It’s free & easy to use.

2. Get active
Join events in your area or create one by yourself. Meet up and have fun together!

3. Make friends
Keep in touch with interfriends and meet over and over. Integration couldn’t be easier.

Our motivation

Escaping war and crisis in their home countries, there are a lot of refugees coming to Europe and especially to Germany now. According to the German Federal Office of Migration and Refugees there were round about 1,3 million people arriving in Germany within the last two years.

Integrating so many people into society is a huge challenge for everybody. Thus, plenty of initiatives with the goal of improving integration were formed. They mainly focus on practical help, e.g. commidity contributions, German lessons and attending appointments at public institutions. Their help is unmeasurably important and has made Germany well-known for its welcoming culture.

Nevertheless, there is still a lack of everyday contact between refugees and residents as they often struggle getting in touch with each other. Since from our own experience we can tell that both sides are highly interested in a better contact, we created an application that makes arranging the first meeting as easy as possible.

Therefore, we combined today’s technical possibilities with the basic need of friendship.

Who we are

interfriends is a passion project created by three friends who enjoy having a great time together. We are passionate interfriends users and love meeting new people while having fun.

Tobias, Oleg & Sebastian

Being daily confronted with the situation of refugees in Europe, we gave the topic a ton of thoughts – and came up with an idea about what we can do ourselves to improve their everyday life.
Therefore, we develop an application that establishes the contact between refugees and residents by helping them organize intercultural activities in their home town area.



The European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) and its Founders Center have been a big support for us right from the first moment of working on our idea. Through various practical advice they helped us realising the project in a much faster and better way.


Angehört helped us understanding the juridical basics of the asylum procedure and gave us an insight about how to reach refugees Germany-wide. Furthermore, we regularly exchange our experiences as we are both social initiatives working with refugees. Angehört provides priceless information for refugees and helps them succeed in their asylum procedure.



We want to thank everybody who is supporting us.